This school will be closing 2/17/2015. Current students must complete their course as soon as possible!
Acme Traffic Violator School

Welcome to Acme Traffic Violator School


Traffic Tickets in California!

First Offender Traffic School

First Offender Traffic School – you are allowed to do an 8 hour traffic school once every 18 months and you can do it on the internet. Successful completion:

  • wipes away the traffic ticket
  • and removes the point
  • so your insurance company will never find out about this ticket

Second Time Traffic School

Second Time Traffic School – if you have already done traffic school in the last 18 months you can ask the judge to give you second offender traffic school and if the judge allows you, you can do a 12 hour in person class that will remove the point off your record – however your drivers license record will show an entry of Traffic school completed which tells an insurance company if they examine your DMV record that you have done second offender traffic school. Second offender traffic school is given at the judges’ discretion. The Good thing about second offender traffic school is it takes a point off your license record but your insurance company might raise your rates.

Situations where you are not allowed to do traffic school:

  • The Judge can deny you traffic school
    • if you are speeding 25 mph over the speed limit
    • or if you have a commercial license
  • You cannot do traffic school for Misdemeanor charges such as DUIs and hit & runs

Commercial Drivers License Holders

If you have a commercial drivers’ license, you are not allowed to do traffic school even if you were not driving your commercial vehicle.

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